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FS: 2 Foot Cherry Shrimp Breeding Setup

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Hey Guys,

Looking selling my 2 foot breeding setup.

Whats included:

  • 2 Foot Tank (Not the best condition, but holds water fine. Few small chips on the bottom edge, does not effect water holding ability)
  • Small Heater
  • Elite Crystal Flo-20 Canister Filter (About 1month old)
  • 2 Foot Light
  • Gravel
  • Driftwood
  • 60+ Crazily Breeding Cherry Shrimp
  • Few Chamelon Shrimp
  • Small Air Pump with Air-Stone
  • Thermometer

Price: $200 Pickup - This may sound abit steep, however after only starting off with 20 Shrimp and there's now 60+ Shrimp with probably 10+ Berried Females. This would definitely earn you some money in the future. Plus it doesn't just have a Air-Filter, this includes a Canister filter to aid in the Bio-Load.

Pics: Will Upload after work today.

Thanks for Looking

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Hey mate if u remove the canister u would prob have more shrimp due to the fact that the canister will suck up the shrimp or c if u could get a strainer or sponge to fit over the intake pipe

Hey mate, already has a Sponge over the Filter as pictured in the above photos. Not my first Shrimp Tank.

Bump. I guess this isn't selling maybe that people are worried about the chips?????

Here's a pic:


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