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Help me kill these snails

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I am going to move my fish into a bigger temporary tank untill I get my 6ft sumped and running. My 3ft tank is snail ridden basically and is just getting worse, so how can I be certain they are gone if I re use the tank? I was thinking dumping the gravel, bleaching the tank, throwing all the filter sponge and crap, boiling bio balls and matrix, throwing away the plants, boiling driftwood and rocks. Am I missing anything, I want these frigging things gone they are multiplying worse the bn.

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hello dear fellow, like yourself i am a avid snail hater, i have no snails anywhere other than in the garden or on my plate is i am goin french, i have juss cleaned out a mates small system, Condies crystals will do the trick, take all livestock out and dose with the crystals. For pipework etc, slowly block them up, and allow the cyrstals to soak into the pipework etc, then leave the system running for a few days, rinse out and repeat if necessary. We did this once on a 6 tank system and no more snails it has been running now for about 5 months.

when bringing new things into the systems, boil them out, etc.

Plants are always going to be your downfall.


RAymundiesnailhatergrundies :worm: :worm: :worm: :worm: :worm: :worm: :worm: :worm: :worm: :worm: :worm:

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i am goin french, RAymundiesnailhatergrundies :worm: :worm: :worm: :worm: :worm: :worm: :worm: :worm: :worm: :worm: :worm:

Knew you couldn't keep resisting me :egrin:

I use loaches, clowns yo-yo etc. I find that they get useless when bigger, so I usually just trade them back to lfs for smaller ones again. Then again I don't mind the odd one or 2 hanging around. They do turn the gravel over, which is a good thing.

The crystals idea is a good one if you can relocate fish.

As above too, beware when you buy plants.

Frenchy :sheep:

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oh crap thanks for that now i feel old

when i was at school we were taught both names

in fact me n some m8 were such little shitheads we nicked a heap of it and alot of gelatine caps filled them and dumped about 300 of them in a local creek dyed it a slight purple tinge for about 3 days

everyone knew who did it but the coppers and conservation dept could never pin it on us

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Someone mentioned you can put this in with live plants?? As long as you relocate your fish the plants will be fine...

Just wondering cos most of the time u get snailed from plants or Driftwood or even better plants attached to driftwood with freaking "lazor" beams errr anyways...

Is this ok to treat new plants to your tanks?? if not does anyone suggest any other method??


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just one word of advice

what will happen to the water when the snails die?????

how many snails are in the tank???? 100grms 200 grms 1/2 kilo

whats that amount of dead meat going to do??????

rays idea is the best prevent snails from getting in but be careful if you go to NUKE the tank

these ideas also have to be considered when dealing with algae too


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The success rate of removing snails isnt very high at all

Keeping them under control is pretty much the best U can hope for

Ive had tanks which have sat in bleech

Gravel that has been boiled baked soaked in PP

Tanks that have been empty for years

Once the water appears the snails are back

Its like the eggs are similiar to Killifish

Dry out no worries just alittle water and bam the snails re appear

Ive had some success with Thomasii to

plus they look great in smaller tanks


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i have had my tanks now snail free for years, never had a snail near em, if u are podantic enuff (like me) it will work,

snails i hate hate hate hate hate hate,

but as pete said me is best hahahahahaha love ya smiley

do as i say and they will go and never return ever ever ever,,,,,,

be regimented, and follow routines and u will be snail freee also

:worm: :worm: :worm: :worm: :worm: :worm: :worm: :worm: :worm: :worm: :worm: :worm: :worm: :worm:

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I dont mind a few snails in my tanks, but when they start to multiply fast i simply tie a peice of zucinni to the bottom in the tank and in the morning remove it with alot of snails attatched to it. easy way to control numbers if you dont mind a few in ya tank.

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