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aqua pics buffers also from prestige

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Prestige sell also a line of buffers from the aqua pics.

These are also made and owned in Australia. I have just ordered some of the african crystals and african kh. Will continue to post once I have begun to use them.

This company also does the full range of buffers including the 2 above.

Heres a list

African conditioning crystals

African kh

Marine kh boost



Turtle conditioner

Kh powder for turtles and axolotl's

Black Water extract

Aussie Geo(australian geo liquid)

Ph down

Ph up

Potassium supplement

Plant food concentrate

Medicating salts


Fluke kill

Chlorine eliminator

Goldfish crystals

Tropical/cold crystals

Amazon crystals

Kh powder tropical cold water

Chlorine nuetraliser

Chlorine eliminator super concentrate

Bacta boost(liquid)

Bacta Boost(powder)

Finally some australian products to compete with the overseas brands

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