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Who Are We?

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Who are we?

QLDAF is a large forum with a diverse group of members all here for all things aquaria related. Whether you love snails, shrimp, freshwater or saltwater fish QLDAF and its members are a great source of information and ideas. This forum continues to be free for all members to use thanks to the support all of our generous sponsors.

Keeping fish is a hobby that continues to evolve with new equipment and techniques, new colour forms and new fish species being discovered. The purpose of this forum is to allow members to exchange views and tips on keeping, breeding and trading fish and also enjoy the lighthearted banter that makes this hobby so unique.

The forum seeks to maintain a PG level rating, but not a G rating. That means that Parental Guidance is recommended for small children. There may be occasional material that, as a parent you need to review before deciding if your child should be allowed to view it. We encourage members to express ideas and debate controversial topics in a constructive and respectful way while still maintaining a safe and positive environment for all our members.

We are strongly against cyber bullying. There is nothing wrong with debating a position; there is something very wrong with attacking a person. Posts will be removed without notice that attack or belittle another person, rather than address the topic in a mature manner.

What is acceptable here and what is not?

On QLDAF we encourage constructive and engaging discussion about a wide range of topics with a strong focus on aquaria and everything relating to this hobby. We also have sections for hunting and fishing, bird lovers, reptiles, invertebrates, cats and dogs and other domestic animals. You will see also that a wide range of topics are discussed in our off topic discussions, everything from world events and politics to sports, gaming and marriage proposals!! (that one is for you luckyfish! :P)

On QLDAF there are some things that are unacceptable and will not be permitted for the sake of the safety and comfort of our members both as a whole and individually.

As stated, we do not tolerate cyber bullying in any form. We also do not permit racism, derogatory remarks based on religion, political view point age or gender. We also do not allow naming and defaming remarks to be posted about individuals, businesses or other forums. We do not allow spamming and any inappropriate links will be removed by our mod team.

We also do not allow the sale of bulk dry goods in our trading section to protect the interest of our generous sponsors who contribute a substantial amount towards the running costs of this forum for these privileges. We do however welcome the sale of used dry goods and one off surplus equipment as well as all forms and quantities of livestock in our trading section.

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