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My bristlenose laid eggs!

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Thanks guys. XD I think they may have been really desperate, and with no other place to lay (besides a few flower pots the tank is just gravel), they decided to just lay in the corner where I guess it's sort of safest. XD

Definitely cool isn't it, being able to see the life cycle. I'll take pics everyday (I'll try morning and evening), but the lighting isn't great at night, so no promises. :P Also don't want to disturb 'im too much. Great thing is that it's against the glass pane, so I can sneak up on dad and the eggs and watch/snap photos and he won't really notice. :D

P.S. The Tech Den: You sell logs, aren't you suppose to be going 'THEY DEFINITELY NEED LOGS BY MINE'? XD


Also yeah, dad's quite young so wasn't expecting it at all. XD

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*Deep breath*

Well, so the eggs are starting to hatch, and tiny little fry with eggsacs attached to them are swimming all over. I never expected my BNs to breed in the tank, let alone for the eggs to hatch so... yeah. Haven't decided what to do with them yet either so... >_>;;

I think I'ma just leave them to fend for themselves. My cichlid fries ain't that big yet, so hopefully no fights will occur.

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