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Rainwater & Drums

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Hi all, not sure if this thread is in the right place.

What I'm after is 2-3 x 20 litre drums for transporting water.

FREE or cheap.

Also wondering if anyone has about 60 litres of rainwater they could spare.

I have a tankful of Peppermint Bristlenose adults who I can't get to spawn.

Wanted to see if a 20% water change with rainwater will help spur them on a bit.

Tank is at 27 deg C, PH 6.8, added Blackwater Conditioner and an API Water Softener Pillow has been added to the filter media to keep GH down. Have been filling up with Tap Water as that is all I have been able to access.

Also what are the pro's/ con's of using RO water(which I can get for 60c/L) instead of rainwater?


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Hi mate all I've used is straight tap water with prime out the hose straight into the tank some black water extract and leave them in peace I've just had my first fry show up a couple of days ago the colony has been put together only 1-2 months ago from different people I think not disturbing them is a big key let them settle and be comfortable

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