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Whats your biggest Anubius??

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All this talk about anubius got me thinking. I LOVE the stuff right, but it feels like the slowest growing plant ever....I swear my bonsi plant outside grows quicker! Anyway ive been in the hobby six years and have gathered myself quite a few anubius species. My fav is the nana one, and i think that is now my biggest. Id say my absolute biggest anubius would be about the size of a standard footy ball. Pretty good for six years old imo haha! I always want to buy more to add to my 'collection' but it really does win a award for growing slow...So whats your biggest? Pics would be awsome, and how much are large anubius plants worth?? (note i do not use co2 so maybe it grows quicker with it??)

Ill add a picdown the track :)

Talk :P

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