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Ive noticed great fish around on my LFS journeys that just dont seem to get swooped on very often....well compared to others anyways....and now I want to know what others also think...are some fish just not the goodies yet are the goodies?...which fish do you think get missed/slept on and yet are beautiful fish?...my entrant is the legendary one and only green horseface...yep the juripari....

reckon they are beautiful especially as they get older and are a unique fish....but dont see people grabbing them very often..is it the price??....maybe my taste is just bad...if so fair enough...but they go on my team of no love...rainbows I think dont get all that much love and yet are awesome when large....anways which fish do you reckon people sleep on???


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Yes, green horse face (Satanoperca Leucostica) are underrated. Juripari (Satanoperca jurupari) are a different species and we cannot get them here in australia (yup, add them to the missing eartheaters list lol). I believe they have a pinkish gleam compared to the creamy green colour of green horse face. Below is a picture of both. Killi fish are the most underrated though imo because they have alot of colour, personality and live great in small and big tanks. But no one seems to have any. I have kept 4 species of them, and they are awsome. I'm about to get more lol. Maybe it is the name that scares people away?

green horse face




happy to be corrected :)

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