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Can anyone identify these fish.

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Carl was out fishing in the Caboolture river with his brother and brought home some fish (isn't he nice :roll: ):

They are silver in colour,

Have horizontal stripes (can been seen in some photos) and also smaller vertical stripes in the top half of the body (not at the same time). The stripes are not visible most of the time.

There is one black spot on the top fin that seems to be faded on the bigger ones.

There is 1 @ 10cm, 5 @ 6-7cm, and 1 baby @ 2cm

Pics: www.members.optusnet.com.au/whower/

the photos are not very good and the tank has algae on the front, i wasn't prepared for more fish :oops:

Any ideas on what they are and what to do with them?



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