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hello fishkeepers and welcome to my exciting 240gallon setup that ive been looking forward to for the last 9 months. ive been slowly aquiring items through ebay and classifieds to go the whole hog on a high tech system. this is somehting ive never done and truthfully abit scared of. this is my second planted planted tank and ive never had anything over a 70g or 4ft so i thought why not an 8fter? i got the tank for a bargain being a custom starfire front,sides and bracing brand new. not to mention all dupla co2 system and halide combo aswell. built the cabinetry and sprayed it matt black with stainless shadow lines and matching trim with sliding pendent halide rail. backgrounds were half price and substrate mixed with flourite and bunnings playsand at front. saying this the whole setup is still not cheap but a hell of alot cheaper than buying all the equipment new. a setup like this would be close to nearly 10k with livestock and plants to replace but i managed to scrap it in at just under 2.

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