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Super Green Texans!

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I love my SGTs. So I'ma post pics of them, just because. :P

Here's my first one ever (also my first american ever):


Was an impulse buy, love it so much. My favourite fish of them all. This has bigger pearlings than my other one, and a weird inverted 'L' shape on its gillplate, which looks nice. :D

Second SGT:


This one is slightly more aggressive and therefore more relaxed, showing better colors than my first a lot of the time. Probably just because it's the biggest fish in the tank that it's so aggressive/relaxed. XD

That said, when they're both chillin', especially right next to each other, they both show amazing colors. Sometimes one would be green and the other would be blue, which makes for a nice contrast (and I come back 10 minutes later and they'd have switched colors).


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