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Hey everyone, I'm just starting and thought I would join up to sponge some of the wealth of knowledge kicking around on here.

We started with one little 20L tank for gold fish then it quickly evolved in to a community tank that is full. Now we have Just bought a 4ft setup to try and accommodate the new addiction. Now it's just a waiting game of the set up being complete so we start adding fish!!!!

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Thanks for the warm welcom everyone!

My first gold fish didn't last very long due to poor advice from a 12yo boy at the pet shop I bought the little tank from... Found a better shop, bought a heater and filled it with a platty and male guppy... Then a colored widow ..... Than a neon tetra and a an upside down cat fish.

Turns out the upside down catfish HATES being in a small tank so can't wait to put him in the 4ft.

Welcome Mr Themuscle!

Glad you found us:) there's heaps of info here to be soaked up! Enjoy.

What kind of goldfish do you have?

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