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advice on what plant to get..

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Hey guys!

So the next step in my american display is i'm thinking of putting some sort of grass or reed like plant all along the back of my tank..it's tinted at the back anyway, so I thought it might look sweet having a sort of background where it looks as though some sort of long water plant/grass covers it, so my tank ends up like a clearing in the water, if you know what I mean? Anyway, what sort of plant would I be looking at? Or any other suggestions? I know cichlids like to rip up plants...so I might lplace larger rocks along the back too, so they can't get to the roots.

to further imagine what I mean because I suck at explaining It's sort of like a screen, as if someone put a 6ft keystone strip at the back and had bubbles streaming up, replace the bubbles with a grass like plant?

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