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Bolivian rams/long fin rams/German rams

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Already have some just want some more ..

Also need some cardinal tetras and my girlfriend wants some gouramis

Also after black tetras and lemon tetras and congos

Currently not buying any discus ..

2 red Turks

2 altum flora

2 carnation pigeon blood

2 blue diamond

2 red melon

2 yellow diamonds

2 Congo Tetras

4 peppermint bristlenose

6 blue rams

3 Bolivian rams

6 buenos airres tertras

8 black widows

6 black phantoms

1 30cm black ghost knife fish

1 long fin bristlenose

2 common bristle nose

5 sterbai corydoras

3 pepper corydoras

5 rosy tetras

3 white tipped tetras

5 white clouds

2 neon tetras (was 20)

1 pearl gourami

3 algae eater cat fish

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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