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Mature L134 x 2 for sale or trade other L cats

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Hi guys

LOTS OF INTEREST BUT.. only low ballers and time wasters ..

Let me clear the air .. they are worth more than $90 each not $40 each .. so please those wanting a really cool caty for display or mix bloods on colony or spare male this is your chance .. 1 male is fanning all the time ...

Also i will consider for trade other cats 0r part trade for a display 4x2x2 or 6x2x2 as i am also looking at buying another tank.. i am after L202 males and L002 males adults + will consider other adults even 1 of display cats

Thanks for the interest and i hope this help weed out the issues

Sombody will get a bargain as these fish are awsome .. just spares

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"Adult" is not a size now is it? Seems strange that you could take such offence at such a reasonable question. Most people have the good sense to provide the size in the first place which is why "size" is included as a standard bit of info in the trading template.

FYI- They can easily be sexed before 2+ years of age unles you're keeping your fish in crap conditions and they have lousy growth rates, but maybe you are new to it all and just another turkey on here who really hasn't got a clue.

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Well what can i say, tiddly little 7 or 8cm males often don't do such a good job of trapping 11+cm females so yes, size does matter. I was only curious and don't really need any more in my colony anyhow. Didn't realise you were going to cry and carry on about such an obvious and reasonable question. You could of just said "i don't know what size my own fish are" and been happy for the free bump.

Anyways, GL

P.S. Btw, 2 is spelt "two"

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