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FS: 3ft Display Setup

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Sale type: FS

Type: 3ft Display Tank

Quantity: 1

Size: 3ft x 18in x 18in - PC

Age: Approximately 12 months.

Pricing: $175

Reason for Sale: Need to cut back, im going on holidays and 2 is enough for the family to look after ...

Extra Info: I made this myself so it isnt the best workmanship around, but it is very nice and def display standard (its in my lounge room) ... There is a shoe rack build in the left hand side (pictured below), can easily be removed ...

Included: Tank, Cabinet, Hood, Light, Heater






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not interested in buying, but wanted to say good job on the stand and hood!

I like the contrast of the corners to the doors!

I think this is a good buy for a newcomer to the hobby,

or a bloke who has a missus with a shoe fetish! :lol:

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Thanks steve, that dark wood is amazingly hard ... At my last work place i had a customer who owned a timber place, he brought in some samples (offcuts) ... He said he couldnt give me too much coz its worth a bit ... thats y i only had enough for the legs ... I broke about a million screws (even with pre drilled holes) ...


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