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So my oldest child decided it was a good idea to feed my fish a tin of baby formula (about 200g left in it). I got home, tank was white, and thick and pasty.

I got a bucket of water from an established tank at my mums (but she has no room to put my fish) for them to be in whilst I cleaned up.

I have done 3 x 100% W/C's, running the filters for 1/2 an hour between each.

I have also double primed, ammo and chlorine neautraliser, and Bio-aided the tank.

Reintroduced the fish over 2 hours, havent lost any yet, but a couple dont look real happy. Water is slightly misty.

I was thinking 75% w/c's every day for a week, double prime each day along with the other two, the only problem will be temperature shock.

Do you think there is a possibility of the bio in the filters will be maintained? If not, I will get some of that Quick start from API and have a go at it. Might be worth giving it a try anyway?

Pretty gutted, only just got the tank back to healthy after he tipped a whole tub of NLS small cichlid into it and turned it red. I really have to put a lock on the tank lid.....

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Oh man, that sucks! I hope your fishies survive!

Sounds like a lock for the lid might be in order!! Either that or a good spanking!! lol Just kidding :P

My son dropped my brand new mobile phone into our tank once. Wondered why it wouldn't ring then noticed it on the bottom of the tank. At least it didn't upset the fish too much. Just his poor parents!

Have never had this kind of thing happen so these are just my suggestions, but wait and see what a few others think...

Have you got a test kit on hand to see how the formula powder affects nitrite levels? Have no idea if it would have killed the bacteria in the filter. Maybe someone else will have an idea about the likelihood of that...

Be careful you don't over do it with the water changes...It may cause the fish more stress and depending on how well you've done at getting it all out it might not be needed. Might be better to do smaller ones. IMO if the fish have survived and are looking happy I wouldn't go doing huge water changes every day. Might make things worse.

I would be prepared for it to be like cycling a whole new tank..... I'd be keeping a close eye on it obviously.

Good luck.

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Ok, so water is now:

Ammonia: 0ppm

Nitrite: 0ppm

Nitrate: 0ppm :(

GH: 8* (143.2)

KH: 3* (53.7)

PH: 7.2

Not a good outcome, I will have some dirty water coming in this weekend, hopefully that boosts it.

In the meantime, I guess I will just have to test ammonia every day till I see it start to climb, and prime and ammolock it up.

Quick Question, if Im using Ammolock, will the bacteria still be able to convert Ammonia to Nitrite and ultimately Nitrate?

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