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WTB Flat Rocks

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I'm going to be setting up a shell dweller tank for some Multifasciatus and I'm looking for some flatish rocks to go around the sides and along the back.

They just need to be able to fit into a 2x1x1.

Open to a fair bit so just let me know what you have and show me pictures if you can

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Hiya Mate

I have been searching hi and low for Tufa even tried to import some but cost to much and it should be a cheap rock to start with. My LFS has found rock similar and getting a sample hope this week. But if that falls through i going to check out that desert rock [looks impressive] and the other ones thinking of buying 2 boxes but that should be more than enough. will see how much i get and will take photos for you. Sooo needed the rock last week.

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Hi kurt

Ended up going to age of aquariums the desert rock wasn't what i was after but got the base rock. The box of desert rock i looked at had about 5 large pieces. There was other stuff there that looked very close to holy rock. plus cheeper for pick up. Hope this helps i was happy with the trip :)

cheers Jamie

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Next to Carrrara Markets there is a gay that sells Himalyan sand stone floor tiles. I think you may get same pieces there.

Or just get any natural stone floor tile pieces.

Good luck


really? :esup: :snide:

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