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aandtsociety aquarium club gold coast collecting and video t

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There are two more trips coming out of the members section very soon for all unregistered to see.

This trip was mainly just a day out for a snorkel and video a particular favourite fish of some one,it was a small lip stick tang and this was seen the day before, we see large ones but this one was only around an inch long and couldn’t find it,it must have been collected or killed,oh well thats the way the cookie crumbles!

Also we had to get some cunjivoe for fish food.

The fish seen this time were not really any thing any one wanted, the few caught was all any one wanted.

There were heaps of very dumb semicirculatus around and would have been so easy to catch, a few Moorish idles, another saddle back chaetodon and a very large anemone, which was no good as there were no clowns in it, give it a couple of months!

There were heaps of fish that no one in the club wanted, so the ones that were wanted were caught and it was time to video some life forms and just have a peaceful swim around.

The pics are of the few things wanted.



A nice masked banner and a common banner fish.


One of three moorish idles seen,they seemed to have not been chased as yet,shame no one wanted any.


One of the prettyist of the common fish the sargent majors,shame they are so nasty,this lot were doing there bit fertilizing and guarding there purple eggs.


There are heaps of lions around this year,this will be a huge problem for next seasons offerings.


This hermit had a problem getting onto the rock next to it,heavy house!


An adult mimic tang,we have some already in the club,so this one was just filmed.


A very nice bristle tooth tang and a common banner fish.


These are mangrove jacks schooling,they are always here and i have told a few fisherman,but still very few people know to fish this spot.


A couple of semicirculatus,not very bright,the little one swam right over my net,all in the club that wanted one has one,so it was just videoed.


Another saddle back chaetodon and that adult mimic again.


These large bream(tarwhine)seemed very keen on hanging with me,one bumped into the side of my mask and no one fisherman there either,you tell them where they are,but they all still fish in the trendy spots and theres nothing in those spots,its not just the fish that aren't to bright.


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one of our new members thought the same thing,now he is near on passing us in collecting his own stuff.

Its just practise and the development of a mental condition of being confident and a little lung developement.

we hit the pool,sometimes two nights a week,we have been lazy lately, to keep the chest muscles strength up there to help lung capacity,if you snorkel regular it does the same thing.

A couple other free divers in the other groups that sometimes trains the same time as us can carry out this easily in a hundred feet of water,my max was seventy feet deep,now fifty,they have a far better mental condition then me,i am just lucky i understand the fish pretty well.

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