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Please help: Large wound pepp bn :(

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I just did a water change and noticed one of my peppermint bristlenose with pretty much no tail.

When I had a closer look I saw a huge wound on her back.

I've caught her and got her in a small 3 litre container (that's pretty much all I have free at the moment)

Here she is:


What should I do? Keep her in the container? Meds?

Normally I would try salt but I know that's no good for her...

Also does it look like a wound from a fight? Or a disease?

In the tank are other pepp bns, orange head geos, sterbai corys, 1 small L066 pleco and 1 large L397 (and tetras).

I'm slightly suspecting the L397 as it's only been in the tank a month or so and it's pretty territorial, always kicking the bns out of their logs.

Any thoughts?

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Whatever caused the initial damage (I guess heater burn, swallowed by geo or fish rasp attacking her from behind as she tried to hide)

The real threat now is secondary infections.

You need a filter or at least an airstone in with her

I would then dose melafix and pimafix

also a good case for voogle

if you wanted to go all in.

The tail looks a bit infected already

and pima will help with that

with mela helping to prevent additional wounds get infected.

These are soft meds

but with a fish already injured like that

I am a bit worried about reccomending anything stronger.

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