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Lippa's dumb questions of the week

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1st of all, I bought 4 pencil fish, they were smaller than I thought and put them in the small tank with a few neons, now my neons are missing eyes!!! Do these little feckers eat eyes????? They fending for there life in the big tank now any way!

2nd what's eating my plants? I have a bunch of val, some other leafy looking thing and some anubias, plus a bought a beautiful driftwood covered in java moss from RPC yesterday, now i got no java moss :( . It's only the new shoots on the anubias getting eatin. The new stock since the great plant crime of 2012 is, a whiptail catfish, 2x pepermints bristles, a peppered cory a albino cory a pictus catfish and those bloody eye slaying pencil crap things.



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