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Xenotilapia Tembwe II fry

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Xenotilapia Tembwe II fry



Usually do best in minimum group of 6

I can do shipping

They do pair up but it's impossible to sex them as they all look the same - except very minor patterns

Also both male and female hold, so it makes it even harder

All the ones that are in Australia originally came from these parents,

I am 100% about that as I have kept track of where they've went and who they've been passed on to

There's only been a limited amount released in the first round of fry that were available

So they're still VERY rare fish!!!

Minimum buy is 6, they are a sandsifter and need floor space but they are also a bit of midwater/rocky area dweller too. So they will cruise around all over a tank





Can meet Southside or Northside of Brisbane

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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