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my new fry tanks and rack

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just wanted to say thanks to FJ before i post any pics,

bought these tanks from dave and being such a nice guy he even delivered them for me,

tanks size,

3ft l x 2ft w x 1ft h,

each tank has a 150mm wide section at the back going the full 3ft length of the tank, this is great to put some media or sponges in to give the bacteria someplace to breed and hide, :)

each tank has 6 sections, all 150mm wide, they have water going into each section and the back has a piece cut out with stainless steel grate to let water to over flow into the back sump, but stop the fish from getting out,

i got 3 of these tanks, so 18 sections plus a sump at the back or each tank,

i then went to bunnings and bought a rack, the ones you build your self, they are great, i made it 3 teirs high and then set up the 3 tanks as dave had them, so the pump sits in the bottom sump and pumps the water up to the top tank, it then feeds into each section, and that then overflows into the second tank and so on, then ends up back in the bottom sump to be pumped back up the top,

enough of me, lets see some pics, :)





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thanks guys,

i was more then happy to pass over my life's savings for these tanks, they are worth it, and the way dave had them set up is totally awesome,

yes rudi, there were some fry in that log, :) and thats not all of them, some got out in my other tank, so i'd guess another 20/30 on top of these, now i need to keep these ones growing, :)

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cool tanks ,very nicely made,by a profesional tank maker id say,i realy think they are great.

thanks mate, yes these tanks are very well made,

got my next 2 racks set up waiting for my 5 new tanks, i will post pics when they are set up and running, the next lot are a little different, but same tank builder,

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I will be waiting to see the next round of pictures, looks good steve. Such a good idea, on top of being easy and hassle free.

all the credit has to go to FJ aka dave, he was kind enough to sell these 3 plus another one to me and has arranged to get me 5 more built, all i did was arrange the stands, :)

they are going to make life easier, but once they are up and running, i will then be cutting back on my numbers, just keep the ones i like the best, couple trios of my favorite types,

jules and i are thinking its time to change direction, just not sure which way we will go yet, :)

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Cool, Are they bunnings stands? Ive been thinking about getting one, They look pretty strong and easy to chuck up?? Cheers

yes they are, the ones you buy in pieces,

only thing i'd say is don't buy the 6ft beams if your putting 3ft tanks on it, only use the 6ft beams if your putting 6ft tanks on them, i tried it and they seemed to have to much of a bend in the middle, so we took them back and went 3ft beams and they seem great, also we used the wire shelves and then ply and then the foam under the tanks,

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I've been searching high and low looking at all my pallet racking options. As you know Steve, I've seen your bunnings racks. Nice racks I must say, and even nicer tank setup, but I've been looking for a wider set of racks to accommodate many tanks in one setup. I finally made a purchase yesterday!

I drove out to ID Trading at Brendale for a look. My 'new' rack gets delivered on Tuesday. She stands 2100H x 2400W x 465D, 2000kg rating per level, 3 levels with deck supports $340 delivered (i think you can get 600 deep for the same price but I need a slimer rack for my garage etc etc). I'm happy with the service and advice I got from Peter.

I'm looking forward to spending many tireless hours after work next week setting up this new baby.... (#$%& why do I do this to myself LOL)

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