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Just added two bags of play sand to one of my tanks. Bag said washed so I didnt wash and put straight into tank. Water is cloudy as and frothy. Have a canister and internal on it now and will water change later. Whats in this sand but!! Think ive made more work for myself then I planned..and I did remove gravel prior :P

Ideas to help clear??

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Its only because

1) I've done something similar

2) No stock is in there / no damage done

and 3) I can imagine the feeling / look on your face when u tipped the bag in :P

Ive actully got it pretty clear now....one hr later and ALOT of water and stirring sand haha. Bits of twigs and stuff in it, washed my arse!!


yep you are one of US now!

I did it on an 8x3x3

Had filled it up and then we added the sand.

i knew it was a bad idea after the first bag went in

but everyone was psyched

and it all went in

after it being cloudy for a week

as in milk

we emptied it all out

This was in a living room

and was almost the drama that broke the girlfriends mind.


And in the back ground

was a smug d**k


"you should have washed it! I told you so!"

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