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Adult Common B/N almost dead - HELP!!

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My adult b/n male has been fighting fit , till this morning when he had his nose tucked up under the entrance to his cave . He didn't move when I cleared out the food they didn't eat over night, so I touched his tail. Still no movement. I picked him up by the tail & he gave a little kick. I took him out to look at him & he has a scum? , almost looks like his shedding his skin. He also has a red blotch on his back behind the dorsal fin. Please see the attached photo to see what I mean, & please accept my appologies for the focus. Camera is playing up too. I would appreciate any help, thanks.


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Too late, he's gone!

But I don't want to loose the girls. Below is a fuul gamit of tests that I just did on the tank:

Ammonia = 0.0

NO3 = between 5 & 10

NO2 = 0.1

GH = 60

KH = 40

PH = 7.4

CA = 20

PO4 = 1.0

FE = between 0 & 0.1

Celated FE = 0 (No plants in tank, so doesn't really matter)

What am I missing? The only thing I was wondering. was there is very little algi in the tank, for them to feed on, but they had wafers & fresh vegtables, zuccini, cucumber, pumpkin, apple. ???????????

Waiting for your expert advise, thanks


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Looks like you had a nitrite spike which means your tank wasn't quite cycled enough for their high bio impact waste.

You have nitrates at a good reading so the cycle is now almost done but the bn didn't make it through the ordeal.

Best idea, do a water change, 30% or so, add Prime liquid or stress coat to the tank and hope the rest do ok.

If you have any Waterlifes Myxazin for bacterial infections, that would be a good course to start as it will not hurt the cycle and will heal any damage the females left may have. It seems to work as a bit of a tonic to fish as well.

Good luck with the rest of them and hope you can find another male around to replace the lost one.

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