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Hello,I'm new here.We keep large Oscar cichlids in 2 4ft tanks. Our Red Oscar we brought in Feb 08 at 4cm,he is about 30cm now.He lives with our 5 Silver Dollars,they are near full grown now at 15cm.About 4 months ago we fell for a Lutino Oscar at the shops.He is 3 years old and about 28cm.He has no tank mates,I think he likes it that way.We also have a small 2ft tank with our Axolotl.Just thought I would say hi. :)

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Hi 2os4sds. Welcome to the forum :) . I had axolotls to but they pasted away last year and this year both around 8 1/2 years old. Now I have African cichlids. And loving them. You should find the forum family very freindly they will try to answer any question you may have.

cheers Jodie :):fish:

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