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EOI: 9 x 4ft tanks, sump, pump, some media

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Selling my colonies up and will be selling this rack to make room for some big tanks.

there is 9 x 4ft x18x18 all with lids, glass is pretty decent but there breeding tanks some do have scratches and still looks good when filled. top centre tank has had a divider in it but easy to remove. I will throw in a couple or more dividers.

painted 3 months ago on rack and all tanks so still looks good.

Will also come if all air lines I recently installed.

Will sell with heaters and sponges if needed

near 1,000 litre sump and aquapond 10,000lt pump (near new) bio balls, about 10 rock looking things lol in media bags off memory.

Will come will strainers etc I received when I originally brought the tanks. I think there all there.

Was a long term project which was near completed but over it and what to go back to work.

Will need to sell some colonies first but seeing if there is any interest.

I will take a $50 deposit (if I don't know you) for a serious buyer but that will be not REFUNDED if buyer screws me around so DON'T offer if you can't afford in the first place.

Any questions/offers PM ME

Welcome to view if you are serious. Plenty of people have seen this and only get great feedback.


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unsure really what it's worth. $1,000ono but if someone is prepared to pay that is a different story lol. It's priceless to me after doing all the work :D but will be sad to see it go but that's life.

Will see what the offers are and make that decision.

looking to sell in december when most of the fish would be gone... A nice xmas pressie for a addicted fish lover like me lol

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Bump, curious to know if it's still here, am expecting a bit of extra money in the next couple of weeks but don't want to commit until I'm definitely getting it. :) good luck with sale though

Cheers Mate. Yes it's still available atm. Waiting on a reply tonight and another buyer interested but you never know mate but there both keen on it but it's a big racking so size has been an issue. Until I receive a small deposit it's still available

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