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Marine setup?

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blue planet atlantis 140 and setting it up as a marine tank

dont do that

just my advice

despite what the box says

they are not designed for marine

and you will throw money at this thing

trying to get it too work

and it will be a constant leach.

save longer

get something that will work

and over the longterm

will be cheap

considering the amount of enjoyment it gives you.

perhaps consider

Age of Aquariums - Aquatic Style Nano Marine Cube Set - White

these units have a good resale value

and a high reliability.

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From experience I'm agreeing with DeadFish..

I run a Blueplanet 50L reef nano. I've removed all the blueplanet equipment- installed new LED's, introduced a wavemaker and have swapped their pump for something stronger to run my chiller. My goal for the setup was to have something simple (less in more theory), with minimal equipment. I have no protein skimmer and my only filtration is from my LR.

If you're looking for an AIO system and can't afford $1000+ I'd look at the Boyu HS60. Pretty sure they have some at Aquarium Warehouse on special for $450 w stand. Really sleek looking tank but you'd need a chiller because the MH lighting will heat up the tank. I wish I bought one of these before I started up my BluePlanet.

BOYU HS-60 Reef Aquarium System

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I agree with both previous comments, unless you've kept marine before, a marine tank that small is a bad idea. The smaller the volume of water the harder it is to keep stable & saltwater is very unstable if you're not sure what you're doing. I've had a one foot cube nano reef before & it was more work & cost more to setup reliably than my 6x2x2 fresh, 4x2x2 fresh, 3x2x2 marine reef & a 2.5x1.5x2 marine reef. That one tank was way more work than all the others put together(water changes, testing water & dosing additives) I strongly suggest you get a larger volume of water for your first marine & start with fish only before you go to invertebrates, water quality is the most important aspect of a marine reef & you have to change your way of thinking towards filtration with inverts as they start to have problems at nitrate levels of only 20ppm which for fish only is pretty low. The tank that DFF recommended is a very tidy unit, plenty of filtration & a big skimmer. The one Louise suggested looks very good from what I can see, great starter kit :)

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Check out what each part of marine aquariums natural and mechanical systems are supposed to do and can achieve.

Read, ask and watch to understand as much as possible of these before you do anything.

It isn’t overly cheap to keep corals but it is extremely easy, far easier then fish!

You put into the hobby what fish need and what corals need and you can’t fail.

The most important things beyond anything with marine fish keeping is, you have just put them somewhere they are not used to and they drink enormous amounts of the water they live in to prevent salts from osmotically entering their body.

So what is ingested, quite a lot of that gets into their blood supply, then the stress of them not being where they were originally living, think about those and you will understand why marine fish die even with spot on water parameters!

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