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Id please...again....

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Was up on the Granite belt yesterday attempting to catch some rainbows. All I found was Gambusia, some Holbrooki, and some Gambusia Holbrooki :0 Place was full of them, every creek I went to.

Anyway, we also found lots of little crays.

Then we found this guy. Excuse the pics, I took them with the camera, off a phone. Can anyone ID it at all?





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It was at Girraween National park. Id dropped some traps around in Wallangarra, Then we shot up for a BBQ at the day use area. I thought Id trudge down with my notebook and just see what was in there, if there was, I would have done a field survey for ANGFA. Its a bit dry though at the moment, and it was mostly running under the rocks, with small pools here and there. Saw a fish about 20cm long, it was long and thin, but it scooted away before I could get it. I would never have kept anything from up there either way, being a National Park. We also found an approx. 25cm long neck turtle in one of the pools. We just left him alone. We let it go straight after we took pics. I forgot to take my camera down and the only thing we had was an old nokia with about a .5 mp camera, lol. Looks like I took the photos off a TV, lol.

Im pretty sure the name of it is Euastacus Suttoni, Suttons crayfish, found in the New England (funnily enough, where I was).

Thanks for the help guys, Im slowly getting better with my freshwater fish. I was a keen saltwater angler as a kid, used to read books all the time. But since getting old and having numerous kids, those relaxing pasttimes have been replaced by ducking out in the middle of the night with a net..

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