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any expieriance with HAILEA pumps???

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hey guys i was wondering if anyone has had or heard anything about HAILEA pumops as i have the opertunity to grab 2 stainless steel submersable ones that have a high volume of flow at a good price

i have herd of them but thats all anny quick feedback would be good thanks chris

Technical Data:

220-240V, 18000L/Hr,325W

is this good or bad ???? for the power bill

or this resun ?? what would be better



VOLT. :100~120V 220~240V

FREQ. :50/60Hz


QMAX.:18000 L / Hr 4750GPH

HMAX.:6.0m 20.0ft

INLET DIAMETER: ¢45mm ¢1 3/4"

OUTLET DIAMETER: ¢35mm ¢1 3/8"

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I don't have experience with the pumps but there is a huge difference in rated power consumption between the 2 and they're both rated at 18000 l/h.

125W is equivalent to 5 big eheim canisters or almost 3 FX5s.

but then again rated power consumption is not always the actual power consumption.

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Depends on what you are using them for. We ran the Haileas on all of our systems - 2000L systems, looking at a max 6m head height - however they are taken from a 1.5" squeezed to a 1" and have over 15 90deg angles to navigate not withstanding the one immediately from the outflow. Needless to say we work the hell out of them. We are getting about 3 years. The problem is - they run until they don't run. If the power goes out they don't turn back on again. When we inspect the impeller its usually imploded.

If you aren't tearing them to hell and back, they are pretty good. And they run pretty quiet too.

We are now trying the Aquael centrifugal pumps - they can be run inline or submersed. First one goes in tomorrow! We have used Laguna in the past before and they are also great pumps. Its just hard to get the head height needed without going inline.

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