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FS: 8ft Display Tank - Immaculate

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For sale is my beloved 8ft Display Tank it is 8ft x 2ft high x 18 in deep.

It has a full wrap silicone latex rock wall background which looks awesome, and doesn't intrude into the tank space like a lot of internal backgrounds. The ends of the tank are professionally painted dark brown to hide the background.

The hood has three 4ft flouro tubes, with the centre one overlapping the other two.

The glass is 10mm sides and 12mm base, with reinforcing strips on the base as well.

No scratches at all, and is only a couple of years old. Only selling because we are moving interstate next month and don't want the hassle of moving it if possible.

I'm happy to sell the tank on it's own and keep the cabinet if that's what someone wants. I'll get the same tank built at the new house.

The cabinet has shelves in the middle two sections, and no shelves in the end two sections to allow for cannister filters.

I am out near Ipswich but can help the new owner move it if required.

Price is $1200 for cabinet and hood, $550 for the tank, or $1500 for the lot.

Email enquiries only to magilla_guerrilla(at)westnet.com.au

Not sure why my post count is now only 1. I used to come on here a lot. New server since I've been gone I guess?




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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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