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ramirezi and tank size advice

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Anybody out there had any experience keeping rams in small tanks? My daughter has been looking at fish and aquariums on-line and is pretty keen to get a pair into her room. Are the 'trendy' (fluval 46l / Boyu 43l) tanks adequate for a pair of rams and 2-3 small tetras?

Rams certainly make an appearance on the advertising material but I only want to go that small if there's no down side for the fish

Appreciate your views ...

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personally i wouldnt, the increased volume of the new fluvals is good, but in my opinion not good enough.

i feel rams need a little more floor space than that, so focus as much on the footprint of the tank as possible.

you could get a lot of agression between a pair, but then again it could work absolutly fine.

personally i would chuck two electric blue rams in there with about 5 neons

it should go fine, you dont really need a pair of rams, one will suffice.

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