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shipping shrimp

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I've received shrimps with them both doubled bagged in an esky (placed in 5kg express satchel) and in breather bags (placed in express satchels). Most of the times though I receive and send out shrimps by placing them in a bottle with some moss for them to hang on during the journey, then the bottle is placed into a express satchel. usually people don't want to spend the extra $ for platinum express - IME shrimps can usually last 2 or 3 days in the bottle. Without any DOA

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just copied and pasted from aust post website

D10.1.1 – Bees, leeches and silkworms

Australia Post accepts bees, leeches, silkworms, silkworm eggs and (in the Domestic Post only) other

harmless insects only if:

♦ the movement of the creatures is not restricted by any law of the Commonwealth, a State,

Territory or the destination country

♦ the sender has any necessary clearances or certificates of health required by the destination state

or country

♦ in the Domestic Post, the article is lodged at an office of Australia Post as an Express Post

Parcel or an Express Post Satchel and additional postage paid for the separate bag service

♦ in the International Post, the article is lodged at an office of Australia Post for Air Mail carriage

but not Economy Air or Express Courier International.

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some people ship fish through aus post (naughty people..how could you :)) and I think theres no harm...your not going to blow up an air terminal with a dead fish(Bin laden told me so)...and as long as its packed to not leak...Im a fan of the platinum though as the less time the better for anything getting tossed around by postal workers...no offence aussie posties..much love..

I like that bottle technique....hmmmm time to start breeding..fluro green cherries...and conquer the world :)

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I received some though Australia post the other month ( express platinum ) over night to my door in a little stiro esky all raped up

Cheers stuart

That's kinda strange.... I wonder who would rape a shrimp?

There is a clause, you can ship "harmless insects" which covers shrimp, even though they're not insects, they're still invertebrates, you can also ship spiders and scorpions.


Spiders and Scorpions, harmless my ass!

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