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Too many fish...not enough tanks......

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Yep too many fish not enough tanks(some would say too many tanks too :))...

So its time to unload some of the bio load...

So heres a list of whats available and prices are open to a bit of negotiation with multiple purchases and might even accept trades..but Im looking for tanks....

I can also do groups/colonies of some of the fish as listed...


Geo.Braziliensis....3 unsexed,smallest about 4-5cm,biggest closing in on the 10cm mark... FREE

Bocourti....3 unsexed,all these guys are about 8-10cm.... $30 "ON HOLD"

Rivulatus (Gold)...appx 5 little guys about 4-5cm...$15

Also have a little(3-4cm) bum festae...top fin formed a bit short and hes staying pretty small...so free or else it looks like the white lining for him ;)


Tanganyikans: ALL TANGS SOLD

Gold face Commps....3 guys at decent size,smallest about 6-7cm,biggest about 8-9cm...$80 SOLD

Dhonti....little breeding group/colony...about 6 or 7 guys ranging from 3cm to about 8cm...regularly breed...$40 SOLD


Tropheops Chilumba...have a few spares and probably enough to form 2 small colonies...some boys now colouring up and looking sexy...let me know what your interested in and we'll work some magic...

Labidochromis Mbamba...."see above" :)

Salousi....have a few guys that arent up to par in my little group..short faces etc..probably about 5 or so..and probably FREE(yes they are FREE)

Champsochromis Caeruleus....have about 5 (maybe a couple of more) or so spare guys...looks like they are about to begin their colour changes(judging by the biggest in the group)and they are about 10-13cm...price is open for realistic discussion ;) "ON HOLD"

Champsochromis Spilorhynchus...have about 3 or 4 guys I can spare and these guys are about 7-9cm...open for price so lets talk.. "ON HOLD"


And yep 2 pearlscale goldfish...around the 8-10cm mark and the biggest one has the potential to be a very good looking golfball :) $10 for the 2 SOLD

I can get pictures of the fish if really interested(probably will chuck some up here in the next 24hrs anyways) but the google image search function can really help you out with how these guys look....

Will work out deals(everyone loves a freebie) for multiple purchases so lets talk..I want them goneski el pronto..


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