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Pterophyllum altum and rare apistos

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Hey guys

Just looking for the following

- pterophyllum altum - true altum angels don't care if they are wild or f1 but would prefer wilds

- pairs of rarer species of apistos ie. A. Tefe etc - prefer wild types

Contact me via pm to discuss prices



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Yeh let's not go there...:(

Had an ammspike a few days after I got them and lost both the pair so I wasn't happy bout that but what can you do...

Should also mention I'm after Orinoco altums too...

So if anyone has them pm me now before I go by a race ecu for my new bike lol

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Oh that sucks...2 known pairs left in Australia...I got a peruvian angel I would consider giving you if thats what you are after.

Yeh I know but we can import whatever apistos we want so it ain't that bad.

As for the Peruvian had them before and I want orinoco's this time

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