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When you make 5 mistakes in a row.

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The worst thing is I have made all these mistakes before.

This my poor sps from five mistakes in a row, one of several sps that dropped most of its algae clades from my silly mistakes.

1.Carrying out an experiment in the pre filter of the NWMS and having an enormous amount of dead tissue in the system and not noticing for several days.

2.Doing a massive trim of my algae part of the NWMS for a friends system to seed it with the algae I use.

3.Letting the salinity drop to 1.021 due to filter wool cleaning.

4.Forgetting to switch back on the chiller.

5.Adding a toxic life form with out flushing its toxins.

All these I did in a span of two days and five of my oldest sps started expelling their algae and I didn’t do anything to the tank for three days so I didn’t notice this happening until they had lost a great deal of the algae they prefer.

So I did my first water change in 13 months, I was hoping for some years before the first water change, but I screwed that up.

The pics are of the corals ordeal.

The beginning of the reaction.


The full reaction


Well into recovery.


Mostly healed.


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Thanks; I suppose it could have been worse.

The last time I got to one and a half years with no water change and had to sell the tank due to moving.

This time I designed a system that could cope with never needing a water change, but I forgot to factor in my laziness and stupidity.

I could have left it and have the system devour and convert all those inpurities, but I have had the corals that suffered mainly with this a long time and they have stuck by me so I just couldn’t let the poor beggars suffer and maybe not make it.

They are just corals, but they were there from the start of this system and survived the herbivore outbreak that nearly wiped out my algae dependant system.

I just thought maybe others could learn from my stupid mistakes and not make the same ones.

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