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FS Lava Rock ..The time has come :(

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I've held onto these rocks for a few years now since being forced to give away my fish hobby :(

The time has come where I just have to part with them because I need the money for another hobby :(:(

I just dont think the photos does these rocks justice. I've been buying them over the years....and I just have not seen them for sale around my local aquariums lately...at least not this size.

Every single one of these rocks have been bored out..They are all nice and light too not like some of the heavier solid lava rock.

In the photos is a standard size can (like a baked beans can :P)

I spent a fortune on these guys so I'm not sure too sure about price...Is it legal on this forum to take offers? There are 11 Rocks total

Well here goes....




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Hey I figured I might as well answer all the PM's here...

These rocks cost me at least around $500 - $600....alot of them were purchased from aquariums alive in nerang..

I should mention that the tank pictured is only some of the rocks in a 4x2x2..

There is alot of rock there...and its an absolutely incredible way to fit out a tank...

The reason I've been holding onto these is because I dont think i'd ever find them again. The ones I've seen in aquariums are mostly small and $25 - $60 per rock...

Anyhow, its been difficult to make the decision to part with them and at this stage I'll take offers over $300...

If they dont sell, I'll list them on ebay with a lower starting price ;)



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