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Info on PEPS

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depends on how deep your pocket is, all my breeders are at a 1 to 3 ratio, and have constant breeding action usually a two day lul and bam logs are full again,

leave em in the tank till they go black then log dad and all into a grow out tank, so that they can survive away from the empress that love to munch on babies

my partner and i belive in following as closely to nature as possible, that way only the strongest survive till there big enough to be sold

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I was thinking last night what i should do with my 4 footer in my breeding setup. it is a 375 litre tank and the only issue with it is that it is hard to reach the bottom of the tank as it is a bit tall and there is more tanks on the top of the tank (like with a 1/2 a metre gap) so access is not the greatest.

I am just kinda over breeding cichlids havent had much luck except with kribs, they always just eat their own eggs or babies etc.

so maybe doing a pep setup maybe a ok way to go.

I guess catching the babies would be about the same as normal bn although i have created a very cheap trap that works pretty well so that might be the way to do it.

are peps any more difficult to get to 3cms than normal bn? i sometimes get the usual die off of 1 or 2 but other than that pretty easy, i heard that the peps babies are a bit stupid where they wont search for food so if they cannot find food in a square cm they just give up and die.

so anyway who wants to give me some free peps :P

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