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big tank stand etc

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ok I have the go ahead from the mrs to upgrade the tank so have to sell this one

measurements approx 1400 x 540w x 640h tank is made of 12mm laminated glass so very strong.

has got 2 holes up the the top of the back for outlets for sump as iam keeping my sump for new tank(i made the outlets here so if the pwr goes out it didnt overflow the sump which was lucky had a couple of pwr outs)

lids have handles on them.

I brought the tank about 12months ago from a bloke whom worked at g james glass and he built it from offcuts from his work

it was new then so its approx 12months old would say its still like new deffinatly display quality.

Comes with 300 and 100 watt heaters also calcium carbonate substrate approx 40mm thick from bottom.

I built the cabinet/stand myself prob a bit over top strength wise lol would happily hold a small car without breaking.

legs made from hardwood rest made from pine.

I would have to say it is a very nice display tank.

pics are here http://s668.photobucket.com/albums/vv47 ... 3671534945

price:not sure owes me too much but make me an offer I can only say no

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this set up will b for sale in approx 3 weeks u can cum have a look and put a deposit on it if u want or pay me off over next 3 weeks (set up stays here though of course till all paid off)

wat u get is tank stand sump with all acc internal filter 2x heaters lids etc rocks substrate will help move

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selling the tank and stand with the gravel (carb cal) drilled for sump(no sump incl using for new setup)

for $150 due to my idiotsy lol i chipped tank at very top not cracked or anything(wouldnt even see if had a hood on it)

welcome to come have a look at it while its full of water etc

will b selling in 2 weeks but will take a deposit

cheers benno

price $150 tank and stand and calc carb only

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