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Found this on the net


The flaking is shedding. If the sheds are paper-thin and the tissue underneath looks normal, it is...

1. Normal growth- which in normal situations is almost invisible since it happens a little at a time over the whole turtle, or

2. Rapid growth, as in overeating, etc. which looks like normal growth but happens over the whole turtle, or

3. Stress-related, which happens in crowded tanks, poor diet situation, etc.

If the sheds are thicker or if the skin underneath looks bad in any way- it is a form of rot or fungus.

For #2 and 3- if you fix the problem, everything is OK. Try http://www.redearslider.com for good cares for most water turtles, and it includes a good medical section if the problem is something like rot.

It really sounds like a combination of #2 and 3 to me- too much food and a small tank.

Fix them and everything should be fine.

Good luck! """


""Skin Shedding

Shedding is natural and normal for RES. Shedding skin has a thin, wispy and translucent appearance. Most often it is around the neck and the front and rear limbs. It is very easily visible underwater. Excessive shedding is not normal and is usually the result of water temperatures being too high, high protein diets, inadequate basking and fast growth. It could be a symptom of poor water quality or a developing infection. Proper diet and water conditions should be introduced to help avoid this. """

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