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FS : Custom made stands to suit your tank/s

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Hey guys, just putting this out there. im a second year apprentice carpenter, and am chasing a bit of extra money on the side (apprentice wages suck)

So, if you have a tank, that needs a stand, be it 1 foot, or 12 foot, i can make you a stand for it.

or for a bit extra, can design and build you a teired setup.

So basically, the single tier stands are made from 70x35 mpg 10 (structual) pine, they have been termite treated (t2)

i have excess amounts of this timber, which is why i have decided to get into making some stands.

I currently have a 3x18 stand for sale, i just made this to give you guys and example of what strenght you can expect from one of my stands, and how they are put together

If you are interested in a stand, PM me your exact tank size in **MM** and i will get back to you with a price, and expected completion time





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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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