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gday all well I new it was going to happen but not this soon

I have 11 dubouisi and 4 red bemba tropheus in my tank all juvys

I brought 2 dubs last friday they went into hiding when I put in tank which is normal when a fish is stressed

after 2 days of observation they are in hiding sitting near air and have got all signs of bloat trouble is now there is 3 sick and 2 looking like they r getting it so I need to treat whole tank.

Iam in brisbane so am not sure wat is available here

someone help please

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Hey Ben & Renee,

hate to say it but... that's what happens sometimes when you rush into it .

This new fish you got might have already had something.

If it has bloat the first sign is staying away from the pack. After that if you haven't picked it up :whyme:

Then they sway from side to side and won't really swim around.

Then white stringy poo.

Then bloated body and scales will petrude.

It's usually from stress, not getting along with tank mates, in propper feeding - too much or not right foods, over crowding, not giving your filter a chance to cope with the new additions and can be poor water quality aswell.

If you want to try and save them all you can do is take the ones that don't look right out and put them in another tank away from the good ones, probably have to take 1 to your vet for consultation so they can give you metronidazole with L amount per tablet. Best medication is in food. (metro in food)

You should keep them in clean water, uv sterilizer and i wouldn't feed them for a few days.

Also check out tropheus fanatics emergency ward if you haven't already and someone might be able to suggest someone up here that can help you out with the drugs required.


Good luck.

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3 sick ones have been isolated have metro coming from sum one on tropheus fanatics

i thick one sick one isnt going to make he/she is floating now i think i may have to do the humane thing n flush him

ok so im trying to work out how they got it

could it have come from the store i brought some from or the pea and shrimp mix that i was recommended ny a store to give them

how do u prevent bloat???

ps all the rest are doing great just fed them they went nuts made sure they all ate normally and they did

the other thing i was told to do was put some epson salt in the tank as a routine thing so i put 2 teaspoons in and will add 2 every couple of weeks

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All epsom salt will do is make them crap :lol:

Whoever told you pea and PRAWN mix (i hope it wasn't a breeder of T's) should have told you a vegie only diet.

You need to quarantine any new fish before adding to your tank especially T's.

I can't say if the LFS sold you fish in that way or not, all i know is they may have come with it or simply became stressed if your dubs were testing them.

If it was the LFS you can (pay) get a specialist fish vet to do an autopsy and see how far along it was maybe... but not sure how that would all work.

Another common disease with T's is called cryptobia and is incurable and has similar syptoms.

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I dont think I will be doing an altopsy just call it bad luck or maybe a wake up call

I should have been prepared and I will be am looking for a hospital tank now rather then using a bucket

the food was sold to me by a lfs and was recomended to give it to the t s

Lesson learnt the sick ones are sperated now so hopefully I got ontop of it before it spread

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The pea and prawn mix probably wouldn't have been the best idea (but you know that now) but i think it had a lot to do with getting fish to quick and not giving your bio a chance to adjust.

I get told this alot because i want everything too, but the fish are always going to be there so take it easy.

TF is a really good site for keeping T's so any info you need get on there asap.

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Also i think i have mentioned this to you before, but i give mine a water change same day every week and on that day no food. Even just 10 - 20% water change, and best to use pre cycled water, so maybe getting some 200L buckets and run an airline in will help.

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Depends on what type of prawns. But I would of stayed away from it.

I know you asked here about the hbh vegie flake as you were paranoid about food. I am surprised you jumped on spmething that wasn't just vegie. But don't worry mate, we all have learn lessions the hard way, sh it i know I have. The only none food I would risk with tropheus & is only when they are bigger is mysis shripm & NSL.

You will have to treat with metro. You can lower the water level down in the tank to spread the medicine further.

Epsom salts won't hurt anyway. I use this as part of my water buffer routine. You can try feeding the tropheus shelled peas for a while. Problem with tropheus bloat is once they are sick it is usually to late. Would I treat the others? I am not sure. I would ask on tropheus forum for sure but.

This may help


Good luck.

Frenchy :sheep:

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please not after a msg regarding the admin my red bembas were not in the same tank as the dubs that i had bloat trouble with

i missed guided ppl buy writing that i had dubs and bembas in a tank they r in two diff tanks.The dubs that were sold today were ones i had commited to buying a couple of weeks ago.

Upon sale of the dubs precautions were taken on my behalf(given meds as precaution)

In saying this after dealing with bloat or any disease for that matter any fish can get it no matter how healthy they look

and precautions should b taken for a worst case scenario.

the dubs are showing good signs they have been put into a mates hospital tank being treated with metro

After talking to a few experts i am also soaking all fish flake once a week with metro this is a precaution wether it works or not

iam not sure.

Another lesson i have learnt with tropheus is to check water at least once every 2 days gh/kh, ammonia,ph etc

I say this just to try and help any one new to tropheus

After learning a hard lesson I highly recommend to anyone whom is getting into tropheus to join the tropheus fanatics

I do not blame anyone (lfs) for my dubs getting sick it is life

but i know now to b prepared for the worst.

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you know i was having this conversation the other day about fish in general! but you have made me think about it regarding your tropheus.

I think Stacey hit it on the head, to me its all about consistancy. I have been in the fish game for so many years its not funny, and i was telling a young mate the other day dont fk around withya water too much, prepare and learn about wat your getting into, understand the fish and their needs b4 you buy them.

i have had tropheus for many years, and never had an issue with them if cared for correctly, at my home i never have chemicals or meds due to the fact of doing the same thing week in week out! water changes, good water conditions, no buffers etc, right now my colony of Duboisi (thanks davey007) are in a holding tank on my catty set up, water is neutral and soft, fed only on a homemade vegie and garlic mix and some quality vegie food, they are fine, setting a tank up for them which will be distinctly different to the one their in now but will be acclimatised into that.

Like Frenchy said when your tropheus are alittle larger abit of shrimp, protein is ok once every blue moon.

Best thing to do is goole yer ass off, the internet is a great source of info, but to me its all about stability with any of your fish! get it right continue to get it right and stay doing it right.

IMO, especially for new people to fish, get your livebearers, convicts or bread and butter fish and learn about your fishkeeping that way.Breed these buggers, learn about water conditions, and how to care for them, raise fry etc, then slowly as your skills and comfortablitly increase move into your harder fish. But get the basics right first, so many newguys dont know how to cycle a tank, are unaware of the fishes needs, dont know how to treat basic diseases, how to quarantene. everyone should have a tank or 2 that is cycled purely for a hospital tank or seeded filters or a spare heater juss for that purpose,,,,, once you start thinking this way you will undoubtably have a greater succeess and then in turn a greater love for your fish cause they will be happy and you will be happy.

Hope this helps

Ray :o

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