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Hi ya everyone. Now that I'm a member, I thought I'd put fingers to keyboard and introduce myself. So.............. G'day to all; and I hope my time here is both rewarding & beneficial. I'm lead to believe that this forum...qldaf.com is the place to be for information and and knowledge.

My tanks are all gone bar one, which is really owned by my partner Cathy. It's only a 40 litre tank but Cathy loves it.

It has only been setup for 2 weeks and only today were the plants and fish introduced.

Cathy is now the proud owner of 5 male Guppys and a 3 cm long Bristle nose,.

She plans on introducing 2 angels and another Bristle nose in the near future. She also wants 1 or 2 more Guppys.

My fish are now in the dam.Well 2 dams really. The first dam is now stocked with Bass and the second Saratoga. All are healthy and in different stages of growth. My largest fish is a Saratoga, around 75cm. But most are between 35 & 60.

I do plan to set up some tanks, as now I have a spare room that will give me the space I need for a couple of 6 footers and maybe a 4 footer or 2. But thats in the future and on the wish list.

Anyway, I've said my bit, so cheers, and it's good to be here!!


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