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Tank Extras - Accessories, filters etc

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have the following,

1. Aqua Nova UV Clarifier/Sterilizer NUV-09, never used, not too sure on how much it is worth so throw a price.

2. Unistar 4 way air pump, 1 hole is blocked, but i am guessing you can just unscrew the screws and clean out the blocked hole. hardly used, not in use now, asking $35

3. 3 large, 2 medium, 3 small sponge filters with 4+ meters of air hose available. sponge filters been used a bit but not in use now. asking $8 for the large, $6 for the medium & $4 for the small.

4. ViaAqua Stainless steel Aquarium heater (100W) hardly used and not in use now. not sure how much it is worth so open to offers...






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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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