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i recently inherited (got given) 2 breeding angelfish from a friends friend.

One is absolutely fine, (the male) gorgeous in PERFECT health.

the guy i picked them up off said that the female had been recently attacked by some tiger barbs. (dont no what they were doing with the angels but anyways) I did a quick check over whilst i was there, he had put her in a floating basket (she was pretty much just lying on her side kinda thing). She had lost half of her 'feelers' and looked a little curved in the spine kinda thing. When i got home i put them both into my new tank (yes it had been cycled etc etc etc) When i noticed her 'curve' in her spine was quite noticable. She can barely swim, although for the past 2 days i have been hand feeding her, so she is eating. It seems to me like she had a broken back? she cant really use her bottom fin or her tail fin? but her top fin seems to be working okay. When she swims, she swims vertically....

Does anyone know anything i can do to help her?

shes been slowly growing back her fins and feelers, her back has straightened out but theres not much movement improvement in her back as of yet.

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