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Angelfish concerns

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Hey guys,

My new angel which I purchased two weeks ago is still not eating.

I have turned off the light for 48h and also tried feeding bloodworm but nothing is working.

The angel seems in good health still though it's stomach is con-caved.

He poo is white and stringy and now I am concerned.

My plan of action is to put him in another tank and treat him with multi care just encase he has a medical issue.

My feeling is though as the other three angels are slightly larger then he is he is stressed hence why he is not eating.

The little fellow sits in the same spot and only sometimes moves about.

when I feed all the fish he goes to join them makes it to the top of the tank then thinks better of it and goes back to the bottom of the tank.

I have been spending sometime reading up on this but I am sure it's stress.

I don't have a bigger second tank to house him for long periods of time.

Would it be a benefit to treat him for a few days in a much smaller tank and also purchase a net to divide a small area off in the main tank.

I am running out of options and I desperately want the little guy to live as he is a stunning looking angel fish.

When I purchased him I chose the biggest one they had in the tank at LFS and when I added him my main aggressive male Angel harassed him for a while but now does not look sideways at him.

Any insight would be very much appreciated.

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Yeah same. Hes gotten stressed out by others is my experience. They will all have the parasites anyway, its only when they stressed it screws their immune system that much. Seperate it if you can otherwise its not gonna make it. Might be too much for it now coz the move will stress it too. If you can get some live food like brine shrimp or healthy blackworm that might be the ticket to start eating again. Now if that was a wild caught fish id say it was allover redrover even with treating with metro but if domestic your still in with a chance. Good luck

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