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fishie Bits and bobs

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need to clear a few things out, can get photos as people request them.

1. 6ftx13ishx20ish dalarb tank on open pine stands one broken lid (the 6ft tank you buy from pet barn)

Tank has a chip on one corner that was siliconed over to prevent cuting myself has held water fine for 12 months after this, tank has sat empty in the front yard for the past 6 months hence it may as well go.

I can throw in gravel, internal filters, light, and maybe a heater. can discuss if there is an interested buy.

price for tank and stand only no extras $75.00 extras negotiable.

2. 4ftx1ftx18" Ed from the markets tank (shes sharp too ;) ) would be best to be converted to a sump, help water fine for over 12 months, decommissioned as i got the old man a Gary maher setup instead.

has a open pine stand meant for a 4x15 so kinda fits. ..

price $30.00 ono

3. Aquaone Aquis 500 canister filter with all hoses and adapters, has media (noodels,foam and bio balls) has about 4 months full time use on it. great little filter for a nano setup. this one not to concerned if i sell or not as i have uses for it.

$55.00 ono

4. aquaon aquis 700 got it second hand off here, has no hoses, has some hodge podge media in it like crushed coral stuff and some noodles that old chessnut. suit parts or whatever you want it for

$20.00 ono

few other assorted things ill check tonight and update.

all prices negotiable, contact me via txt on 0423919237 all items are pick up only form Burpengary on Brisbane north side.

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