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Upgraded my 6x2x2 Filtration

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Well was meant to do it last weekend but it didn't happen.

So did it this morning when I got home from work.

I took the hood off and drilled 2 holes in the centre brace.

Fitted them with 25mm bulkheads put a strainer on one and left the other one.

I had to drill some extra holes in the back of my hood and cabinet to allow the extra hoses to go through.

Then redirected the hoses to go to their new spots.

So I now have 2 FX5's on it.

They drain from each end and both fill back in the centre of the tank.

I'm happy as with how it went considering I didn't drain the tank or turn filters off or take any fish out.

Some pics for ya...





Will try and get some better picks just grabbed a couple quick ones before i went out.

The fills are breaking the water surface nicely. The strainer gives the water some nice ripples.

So now to find another reason to drill some more glass.


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