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Hi I have 6 x rare, beautiful Arius Leptasis (Triangular Shield Catfish / Australian Tiger Catfish) for sale. These are Australian natives and are a member of the Fork Tailed / Salmontail Catfish family. They occur in a limited region in the gulf country of far North Australia. I have had these fish since they were 6cm long. These are awesome fish - very peaceful, attractive display fish. I have 3 males and 3 females. Females are currently in full breeding colour and are ready to spawn. Not many people will have seen these fish so some info: Juveniles have bright white fins including tail. Juveniles and adults have gold bars running down their flank. These are peaceful fish - no aggression whatsoever although like any fish this size they will eat small fish. Their favourite food (surprisingly enough) is OSI Spirulina Pellets which they relish. I really do not want to sell these fish. Once they breed the youngsters will be worth big money. The only reason I am considering it is I am moving 1200km away and it will be hard to move them with me. I keep them with Tinfoil Barbs and they look great together. They would be suitable for a large, peaceful tank. I have them in a 6 x 2 and I would not recommend keeping them in a smaller tank than this. They are NOT suitable for keeping with aggressive fish - I had them with a Black Shark previously (that was only mildly aggressive) and they can't defend themselves against aggression. They would be suitable for a tank with large PEACEFUL Cichlids, Natives such as Barramundi, Tarpon, Archers but not aggressive Perch etc., or for large fish like Barbs, Flagtails, Silver Dollars etc. Again I REALLY do not want to sell these fish. Will sell to a good home only. Happy to answer any genuine questions. Location is Western Suburbs of Brisbane. I am selling all 6 for $800. WILL NOT SEPERATE. Cheers

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Hi thanks to the genuinely interested people - if you are interested please come and have a look. I really don't want to sell these fish - I am only doing so as I am moving a long distance away and they are just too big and too difficult to pack to risk them surviving the 1200km trip. I have moved these fish before when I moved locally and I can tell you they spike straight through the heaviest duty bags available - even through ten layers of bags with paper inbetween. Now they are even bigger there would be no hope of bagging them up they would have to be transported in eskies or coolite boxes - 1 per box. I have interested shops in Sydney but the problem is the same - I can't safely send them that far. I bought a 1000litre caged plastic tank and if they don't sell I will try and move them in that but it's going to be a big hassle. I will try and upload some photos but I am not experienced at photographing fish and I would strongly recommend anyone interested in buying the fish to come and have a look. Cheers




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