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WTB: Assorted tank accesories

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1x Gravel Cleaner 18” Long wide bit

1x Magnet algae cleaner for 12mm glass ( i only actually need a 10mm one)

1x super strength aqua star 500ml (de chlorinator) (5ml per 350L of water)

1x 250g bag of fish food (does this stuff ever go off?)

1x .6-1.2m long (anywhere inbetween is fine) air tube (i want to run it behind my plants at the back of my tank for an air curtain effect?) do the lengths of tube u get work well for this or do i have to get an air stone of some sort?(really not sure on this one)

1x Seachem Purigen -100ml or 250ml (my tank is 430L so either should be fine)

Cheers guys


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Hello Alex

You need to call Russ at Redlands Pet Centre and tell him you are from this forum. His prices are much cheaper than Age of Aquariums. The Seachem Purigen 100ml is still only about $12. I'm not sure about the rest, but if he has it I am sure it will be cheaper.


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yeh ive looked on that site, thought i mayaswell check for 2nd hand stuff first.

does redlands pet centre post stuff? they are almost an hour drive from where i live... so yeh

i might have to give him a call and see what he can do for me :)

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